Anatomy of a World Economic Crisis – Act I

We’d like to share with you a first skit which, through its humor, we hope will relieve some of the daily stress while at the same time helping decipher what, how, who, why, until when, and what exactly do we do now with regards to the economic crisis.  Click the link to download the skit:
Anatomy of a World Economic Crisis – Act I (2.7 MB PDF)

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If you lived in the modern world this fall, it’s unlikely you escaped the constant pestering, or worse, concern, panic, and anxiety about the “economic crisis.”  Much of the source of this pessimism is the confusion and misunderstanding surrounding the notion of “economic crisis.”  We talk about it as if it were a kind of weather phenomenon, like a hurricane which, depending on the opinion holder, passed, is passing, or is expected to pass through our community.  “How do we prepare ourselves for the crisis,” “How do we protect ourselves from the crisis?” we ask…

The interconnected reality we live in is both a very complicated and a very simple affair.  It’s complicated because every day, we all make billions of independent decisions and it’s virtually impossible to understand at the close of the day what great achievements or innate stupidities we might have collectively come to.  It’s also a simple world because, despite the theoretical possibility of independent decision making, reality shows a heavy bias towards a crowd effect.

Excessive panic and conformism come from our difficulty in understanding the mechanics behind the Wizard of Oz curtain.  In more than 200 years, capitalist economies developed rather sophisticated instruments, difficult to understand unless you are a professional in the field.  But since a core tenet of succeeding in a capitalist world is specialization, it’s almost guaranteed that we are not professionals in the field of Economics.

To make sense of it all – at the Romanian Real Estate Network (RoREN) – we listen to professionals and we extract the essence of the theory into something simple and easy to understand.  We reduce complexity without losing the core ideas.  “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” — Albert Einstein

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